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Downloadable MP3 Recordings of EVERY session in The Money and Women Summit series

PDF Transcripts of each session — to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, & more!

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Finding Your Financial Power & Living FULLY

What does living fully look like for you? And what’s holding you back from this vision?

For some, living simply, covering their basic needs, and living with ease and grace is pure bliss...

Others feel on fire with passion and purpose, and want to leverage their resources to do more, invest more, change more...

Of course, there are those of us in between, too... and in different phases of our financial lives.

And, we’re all influenced by emotional, cultural, and spiritual beliefs that can keep us from having the relationship with money that we want.

Whether you want to build a solid foundation on which to THRIVE, or build your assets so you can change the world, learning smart money skills and removing internal and external blocks will open your path to the freedom and fulfilment that you crave.

With The Money Wisdom Collection, you’ll be inspired, empowered, and wholly equipped to break through belief systems and build the skills you need to step into a larger, more luscious life filled with purpose and potential!

The visionary women in this series guide you, step-by-step, in making your next move, fulfilling your calling, and embarking on the journey that you choose.

PLUS you’ll receive these BONUSES when you upgrade!:

Your Money or Your Life

7-Session online course with Vicki Robin

Do you find yourself rushing from one thing to another... overbooked, over-busy, and over-buying just because you have no time to focus on what really matters in your life? The recordings and resource-packed workbook from this Shift Network course with Vicki Robin offer you a transformational roadmap for bringing your lifestyle into alignment with your deepest Self — creating a feeling of personal ease and integrity with our planet.

PLUS 3 bonus sessions!

  • Class One: Money, Time, and Stuff
  • Class Two: How Much is Truly Enough?
  • Class Three: What Is Happiness and How Can You Have It?
  • Class Four: Why Are You Here?
  • Class Five: Are We Having Fun Yet?
  • Class Six: Multiplying Your Options
  • Class Seven: Living a Life of True Abundance
  • PLUS 3 bonus sessions!
    • Transforming Your Beliefs About Money with Dave Ellis
    • Living in Alignment with Your Values with Alisa Gravitz
    • Transforming Your Understanding of the Economy with Bernard Lietaer

Revolutionizing Women’s Relationship with Money

Audio recording from the 2013 Healthy Money Summit — hosted by Bari Tessler Linden — with Barbara Stanny

Enjoy this fascinating session with Barbara Stanny, who’s helped millions take charge of their finances and their lives. Barbara's background in business, journalism, and psychology — as well as her extensive research and personal experience with money — give her a unique and powerful perspective on women's financial issues. Her mission is to revolutionize women's relationships with money.

The Art of Money

Audio recording from the 2013 Healthy Money Summit — hosted by Stephen Dinan — with Bari Tessler Linden

Bari Tessler Linden is currently leading a global conscious money movement. In this engaging session, Bari weaves her money wisdom for individuals, couples, and entrepreneurs into one complete tapestry.

How Food and Money Interconnect In Our Lives

Audio recording from the 2013 Healthy Money Summit — hosted by Bari Tessler Linden — with Geneen Roth

In this inspiring session, Geneen Roth links compulsive eating and perpetual dieting with deeply personal and spiritual issues that go far beyond food, weight, and body image. She believes that we eat the way we live, and that our relationship to food, money, and love is an exact reflection of our deepest held beliefs about ourselves and the amount of joy or pain, abundance or scarcity we have in our lives.

Being Paid Well for Doing What You Love

Audio recording from the 2013 Healthy Money Summit — hosted by Edward Mills — with Marcia Wieder

Marcia Wieder is a long-established thought leader on visionary thinking. As founder of The Meaning Institute, she teaches people to create and live fulfilling lives. Enjoy this breakthrough session, as she offers key insights and actionable steps you can start to take to immediately enhance your life.

The Law of Attraction Meets Financial Stewardship

Complete MP3 audiobook by Laurie Bonser, published by Northshire Press 2016

Tap into balanced, grounded, practical information as you listen to Laurie Bonser’s MP3 audiobook, The Law of Attraction Meets Financial Stewardship, while driving, walking, relaxing, or as inspiration for your meditation time. Laurie offers daily empowerment reminders to use throughout your journey toward financial abundance and savvy!

Kids & Prosperity: How to Raise Money-Smart Children

PDF ebook by Ellen Rogin

What if your kids could grow up without any of the hangups most adults have around money and financial decisions? Would they grow up to have less conflict about money in their own families? Would they be more generous, charitable, and responsible? Kids & Prosperity shows you how to turn everyday conversations and activities into money lessons that will put your children on track to becoming financially responsible adults.

You’ll receive ALL these bonuses PLUS unlimited access to the powerful tools, resources, and life-changing (and life-giving!) practices you can start applying in your life today!

Package Value: $500


Our brilliant Money and Women Summit series speakers, show how to:

Unpack your financial stories and limiting beliefs around money so you can re-conceptualize and discover your own sufficiency and inner wealth with Lynne Twist.

Discover how to align your earning and spending with your values and dreams through a 9-step program with Vicki Robin.

Stop stressing about money with key tips from Dr. Cozette White and start “decluttering” and restoring your financial health.

Get empowered with possibility — and enlightened about how to create an avalanche of new wealth with Dame DC Cordova. 

Explore the profound concept of “emotional currency” and how the feelings we have around money can actually help us better understand and navigate our lives with Kate Levinson.

Join the growing movement — spearheaded by women — for creating socially responsible, ethical, and green finance, through Hazel Henderson’s unique wisdom.

Master your money and make it work for you by using Patricia Stallworth’s five essential steps.

Learn how to clear your fear of success, stop self-sabotaging behavior, and find your next “yes!” so you can let yourself shine in all areas of your life with Carol Look.


Your Money Wisdom “Tool Kit”

The visionary women who teach in The Money Wisdom Collection provide their practical (and profound!) wisdom to support your personal journey of finding your financial power.

They give deep insights and the practices and tools you need to break through beliefs and self-sabotaging habits so you can direct your energy toward creating the life of your dreams — and aligning your energy and resources to bring much-needed change to your community and our world.

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With this invaluable resource you can turn to time-and-again, you’ll:

  • Move out of your fear of scarcity around money and embrace the attitude that what you have is sufficient & sustainable
  • Give generously in the way you’ve always wanted by developing greater financial security
  • Deeply understand financial stewardship and how you can manage your finances with greater care & accountability
  • Use your finances to help you manifest your life purpose into reality
  • Achieve inner harmony — a perfect meeting of your concrete experience around money, with your identity as a spiritual being
  • Realize financial freedom by overcoming issues that are preventing you from growing in abundance
  • Become more discerning about where you choose to focus your consumerism
  • Engage in simple practices to shift your experience around your possessions, so they serve you rather than run you
  • Find a compassionate approach to understanding the way you think and feel about money so you can dismantle attitudes & behaviors that don’t serve you & your finances
  • Understand and conquer your fear of success... so you can stop procrastinating & start shining!
  • Organize your various accounts — including banking, retirement & investing portfolios — and restore your financial health
  • Weave a commitment to generosity into your personal financial and business plans.

You’ll discover profound insights and practical tools to activate your joy and power — and your capacity to create positive change in today’s chaotic world.

With The Money Wisdom Collection, you'll own the teachings to support your continued growth — as you and your financial goals evolve. You'll receive the fresh ideas and powerful practices presented by women who are leading the way in the new financial paradigm for life after 40, 50, and beyond.

Here’s what You’ll Receive:

The Money Wisdom Collection

Digital Recordings & Transcript Downloads

The Money Wisdom Collection includes lifetime access to all recordings and transcripts of every session from The Money and Women Summit series.

Downloadable MP3 Recordings: You’ll get online access to the downloadable MP3s from every one of The Money and Women Summit summit series sessions. You can download the recordings to your computer or listen on your laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

PDF Transcripts: You’ll have access to word-for-word transcripts from each session. You’ll be able to follow written instructions, take notes, and even search for specific words, references, resources, and more.

PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE! In addition to The Money and Women Summit series material, you’ll receive exclusive bonus gifts! (Valued at over $400!)

Package Value: $500
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